Monday, August 19, 2013

Three upcoming concerts at Meherabode!

Dear friends and well-wishers....

We are delighted to announce an upcoming autumn concert season of Indian classical music, to be held at Meherabode -- continuing our new initiative (begun this past spring) of opening the doors wide to music-lovers in the greater Los Angeles area, to share in the elevating & delightful artistry of notable exponents of classical & devotional music from India.

Here's a quick run-down of three upcoming concerts tacked down so far for this season.
All of these live-music events will be held at Meherabode.  The first two concerts are on Sunday afternoons.  The third concert is on a Friday evening.

Sunday, September 29th, beginning at 3:00 pm 
Hindustani (North Indian) vichitra vina artist Suman Laha
accompanied by Hindole Majumdar on tabla (hand-drums)

Suman Laha has developed his own distinctive version of a vina -- bearing close similarity to the traditional Indian vichitra vina, while also sharing some qualities with an American slide guitar. Suman, whom we esteem as one of Los Angeles' hidden musical treasures, is schooled and rooted in dhrupad-style vina music. His Meherabode concert will include both dhrupad-based and khayal-based instrumental expositions of Indian classical ragas. He will be joined by the vivacious Hindole Majumdar, who comes to us on tour from his native Kolkata.

Sunday, October 6th, beginning at 3:00 pm [time to be confirmed]
Hindustani (North Indian classical) vocal artist Pt. Sandip Ghosh
performing together with upcoming vocalist Dayita Datta
accompanied by Pankaj Mishra on sarangi
and by Pt. Shashanka Bakshi on tabla

A quartet of Kolkata artists will regale us with the ornate beauties of khayal [literally "imagination"] and other classical vocal-music forms. Sandip Ghosh is outstanding among India's current generation of Hindustani-music vocalists, gifted with a rich and melodious voice. In addition to khayal, he is also noted for his performance of Bhajan [devotionals], Nazrul Geeti [poet Nazrul's songs], Rabindra Sangeet [poet Tagore's songs], and Shyama Sangeet [traditional Bengali songs devoted to the divine Mother Kali]. Dayita Datta, Pankaj Mishra, and Shashanka Bakshi are all Kolkata-born artists who now spend a significant amount of time in Southern California. This concert brings them together with Dayita Datta's celebrated music-teacher, Sandip Ghosh.

Friday, November 22nd, beginning at 8:00 pm [time to be confirmed]
Dhrupad vocalists Branan Dubh and Inoue Sou
accompanied on pakhawaj (barrel-drum) by Dnyaneshwar Deshmukh
(Co-produced by Concerts at Meherabode and Music Circle)

Dhrupad is a deep and stately form of North Indian classical singing, regarded as the oldest extant style of classical vocal music in India. Vocalists Branan Dubh (Australia-born) and Inoue Sou (Japan-born) are advanced Dhrupad acolytes of the renowned Gundecha Brothers, both of whom have studied this rich, sober, arcane and spiritual vocal-musical tradition at Dhrupad Sansthan (the Gundecha Brothers' residential music-school in Bhopal, in the literal center of India) over a period of many years. Percussionist Dnyaneshwar Deshmukh is likewise an advanced student from Dhrupad Sansthan. This is the artists' debut U.S. tour, and we are delighted to co-present this duet-vocal recital in collaboration with the Music Circle [a distinguished LA-area presenting organization founded by the late Pt. Ravi Shankar and Harihar Rao in the early 1970s].


Prior to each concert, a free lunch [yes there is such a thing] will be served to concert-goers who arrive early -- featuring an organic & vegan repast.

Further details about these concerts will be circulated (including on this blog) soon. This is simply a "save that date!" heads-up!

Looking forward to seeing many of you at these musical events in the upcoming season!